SARLib, an ATM SAR Library


This is an Open Source ATM SAR Library. It is published with a GNU License. It has been written to be used under Linux, but there are plans and provisions for a user space version ;).

Features and Specifications

At the moment the SARLib handles the following

In other words, SARLib can now be usedas an AAL5 ATM Segmentation And Reassembly engine. At the moment there is no I361 and I363.5 compliance, but this is on the ToDo list.

To Do



I cannot and will not force you, but if you choose to download this library, I would like to know where it will be used. It is just to have an idea of whether and where it is used and if continued development is usefull. A simple mail is all I ask. If you use it in any of the projects listed at the bottom, you are excused ;)

You can download the library here


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